Quickly monetize your biggest opportunity

by Chris Out - Extreme Revenue Growth Expert

It was all in front of us but you removed the fog.

– Iza Sia & Samo Login –

From Startup to Billion-Dollar Sale in 7 Years


After reading this book, you will generate easier, faster, and significantly more revenue. It offers a precise method and a new vocabulary that you can use on a company-wide basis to help your teams make a bigger impact in a more structured manner.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, or not even familiar yet with growth hacking. This book will take you back to the first principles of growth and data-driven working.

• What’s the secret to Extreme Revenue Growth?
• How do you keep re-inventing yourself while growing revenue in a fast changing environment?
• How do you build next-level growth teams with financials?
• How can you use the principles of growth from Silicon Valley and make them applicable to your own specific growth challenge?
• How do you find the unique growth algorithm for your business using algorithmic thinking?

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    About Chris 

    Chris Out is an international bestselling author and recognized expert in growth hacking and structuring extreme revenue growth. He founded and successfully sold the first growth hacking agency in the Netherlands.
    Chris is a well-known speaker on the international stage and lectures at various business schools. He guides organizations worldwide in their transformation towards Extreme Revenue Growth.


    Chris has been on a long quest to find the answer to the question: “What can I do today to make an impact on the growth of my company?”
    With the WALLET Method, Chris shows you how to find the MAGNET that will help you to generate more revenue growth in your business. More than ten digital bonuses accompany the book, including a number of very ACTIONABLE worksheets, all free to download!


    Are you ready for Extreme Revenue Growth?

    In every business there’s a hidden goldmine of growth in front of you. The question is: Do you see it? Do you know how to act on it? It is possible to download this new brain of growth. Start your Extreme revenue growth journey now and get the book!