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“Chris provides, in an immersive way, multiple insights and questions to challenge your thinking on your business model, relentlessly through the lens of growth. With inspiring notions on the importance of self-development and ownership in achieving your growth objectives. And the potential perils of ego’s.”

– Jacques Pijl, thought leader and owner at Turner Strategy Execution.

“Chris Out has done a great job with this book in helping to evolve the field of growth hacking. He shares new thinking models, actionable frameworks, and a concrete way to implement growth hacking in many types of businesses.”

– Sean Ellis, Coiner of the term Growth Hacking and author of Hacking Growth

“If you want to find a way to deconstruct the growth of your company and find growth levers to achieve extreme revenue growth, Chris Out has broken down his method into simple principles, frameworks and mental models.”

– Hoang Pham, Head of Growth at Mollie

“Chris Out shows with this book a great holistic approach to growth that’s a must-read for every leader that’s seeking extreme revenue growth”

– Masha Kodden, Managing Director at Inner Circle

“This is a must-read for every SAAS business, as Chris shows exactly how you can achieve extreme revenue growth by strategically using human and digital touch in new ways.”

– Sujan Patel, Co-Founder at Mailshake | Managing Director at Ramp Ventures

“Companies are after growth, but disillusioned with hacks. This book deconstructs growth to its essence, helps connect strategy and experimentation, and provides a structure for extreme revenue growth.”

– Peep Laja, CEO at Wynter and Speero

“It’s a common misconception that Charles Darwin coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’. It was actually first mentioned by Alfred Russel Wallace but it’s also a selective quote. What both Darwin and Wallace actually meant was that species that are more adaptable to change are those that survive. It’s the same for companies. Organisations that are able to adapt quickly and grow (despite continual change, competition and threats) will both survive and flourish. Chris shares a thorough blueprint for starting, building and massively accelerating the growth of your company whilst continually adapting to your own growth and changes in the marketplace.”

– Craig Sullivan, CEO at Optimise Or Die

“I was probably one of the most excited people waiting for Chris’s book to be published. His pragmatic mindset and iron discipline to focus on what really brings value in business make him very unique as an author. And boy, did he deliver with this one! Growth hacking is an excellent methodology, but done in isolation from business strategy and objective it can easily change to a rat race of experimentation only to leave people overwhelmed and confused. And that happens a lot. It is probably not your fanlight either. As a seasoned professional and entrepreneur who has seen such bottlenecks and traps in practice, Chris offers practical frameworks on how to stay laser-focused on things that bring value to the business. It personally encouraged me to create more modular assets such as online courses, checklists, and innovative teaching formats to see a more predictable and sustainable revenue stream unlike in consulting business. I would warmly recommend it to business consultants, to experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, since the book offers strategic frameworks to elevate growth models and is, to my knowledge, the first growth book that focuses on strategic and entrepreneurial aspects of implementing and sustaining a growth program in the company.” 

– Maja Voje, Best-Selling Instructor on Udemy

“In today’s competitive world, you need every advantage you can possibly get. Therefore, I dare to say that this inspiring book on growth hacking is the most helpful book for entrepreneurs and marketers TODAY. Companies should always be on the lookout for the next growth opportunity to monetize. That’s easier said than done, of course. With ‘Structuring for Extreme Revenue Growth’, however, Chris breaks it down into understandable and applicable steps, showing you how growth can and should be structured. He lets us understand the essence of Algorithmic Growth Thinking, a phenomenon and helpful metaphor I hadn’t heard of ever before. Above all, the book reveals Chris’s own story. It explains how he became who he is and how he consistently gets where he is going.”

– Marieke Pijler, Founder Brand Density

“This book is a must-read for every professional in Growth when
you want to make a significant impact in your company.”

– Sophia Eng, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Smartsheet

“Too many books on growth hacking focus on the hacks or optimizations that helped grow other businesses. But you can’t replicate those quick wins in order to grow long term. That is why Chris’ unique perspective on growth is so powerful: he deconstructs growth down to its core principles to help you build a strong long-term growth strategy. Not only that, he also shows you how to immediately improve your growth approach and create more impact in the short-term too.”

– Daphne Tideman, Head of Growth at Heights and Author of Growing Happy Clients

“For all the fine growth models out there, the real lever for extreme revenue growth is extreme personal development. When you focus in a structured manner on your personal development, revenue growth will soon follow.”

– Remco Claassen, Bestselling leadership author

“Chris Out has done a great job in developing a new thinking model that shows exactly how you can monetize the biggest opportunity in front of you. This book is applicable in many different contexts, and I can highly recommend it to everybody that wants to level up personally and in business. “

– Anuj Adhiya, Author of Growth Hacking For Dummies

“Growth hacking always seems to be predestined for others. Chris gives you the instructions on how it can work for you too.”

– Denise Visser, Product Manager Experimentation at

“Chris is an extremely talented and hard-working guy you need to get into your company at some point in the lifecycle. Structuring Extreme Revenue Growth is a book that enables businesses, young and established, to re-focus and re-architect their models in such a way that growth is imminent. If you need more guidance beyond that, my suggestion would be to bring Chris into the business and have him work with your team. He shines a light on very complex things and has the capabilities and network to make them simple, structured and process-driven.”

– Steven Lammertink, CEO at the Cirqle, the world’s first Conversion-driven Influencer Marketing Platform

“With his new book, Chris Out gives us a great insight in the essentials of Growth Hacking. The future of marketing lies into data-driven algorithms, getting in the head of your target audience and most of all getting yourself and your team into action. In Growth Hacking execution is key. It’s not about what you know, it’s all about what you do. For everyone working in online marketing and e-commerce this book should not be missed.”

– Martin van Kranenburg, Neuromarketeer, Copy for the Brain

“Algorithmic growth thinking is the secret to building rapidly growing businesses, and Chris has crystallized how you can make it happen in the most effective and practical way. This book is exactly what your business world doctor ordered.”

– Ani Manukyan, Global Marketing Team Lead at Bird Control Group

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